The Little Raw Deli is all about really delicious whole foods.

We use natural, raw ingredients to create delicious, wholesome meals that nourish from the inside out.

At the Little Raw Deli we make everything in house. We make our own granola, sauces, spreads, ‘cheese’ and condiments, free of processed ingredients, to give you the best of what nature has to offer.

Whether if be a chia pudding, porridge bowl, a salad, curry or soup, smoothies or raw desserts, we want to show you how full of color, flavor and texture plant based meals can be, and that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition.

We make our food from scratch using whole, nutritious ingredients. They’re rich in nutrients and enzymes good for overall wellness and happiness, helping to revitalize the body and make it more energetic. We do what we do, the way we do it because we genuinely care about offering you real, quality foods. We take much pride in using local and organic ingredients where available.

Our menu is plant based. We do our best to keep it inventive and delicious, using simple, whole ingredients. Every day we have a selection of chia puddings, porridge, toast, salads, hot meals and raw food items. You pick and choose and create your own LRD bowl, to which you can add extra sides and options. We offer a selection of freshly made smoothies, juices, organic teas, small batch brew organic coffee and superfood lattes. And of course, lots of organic raw sweet treats such as truffles, brownies, cheesecakes, chocolates, cakes and cupcakes.

We hope to see you at the Little Raw Deli soon.